[SportWorks TALKS] Thursday, July 9th at 10 am (CET)

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Running is the most accessible sport in the world and practiced by millions of people. Like in tennis, ski racing or football, we each have our own style of running. One is no better than the other, however each one has its share of advantages and disadvantages. So do you know what kind of runner you are? Enmouvement will present to you two of the most common ways people run and why identifying your running style and structuring your practice accordingly will help you to not only optimise your performance but reduce your risk of injuries.

Hélène Maystre is physiotherapist and physical trainer at Enmouvement, a pluridisciplinary center dedicated to sport and artistic performances in the heart of Lausanne. She has a Master of Science (Msc) in Human Movement and Sports Sciences and a Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Physiotherapy. Hélène has specialised in Running and her work has led her to work with the Swiss Olympic Medical Center in Macolin.

Olya Abasolo Ovtchhinnikova, Olya represented Canada in fencing at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. After retirement from competitive sport, Olya continued to work in the Olympic Movement first at the Canadian Olympic Committee in Montreal, and now at the International Testing Agency in Lausanne.

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