General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions of Use ("TOS") are intended to define the terms and conditions for the provision of Coworking supplier services offered by SportWorks Sàrl. SportWorks Sàrl is located at Maison du Sport International, Avenue de Rhodanie 54, 1007 Lausanne.

  1. This Agreement

1.1. Nature of Contract

  • This Service Delivery Agreement does not include a specific assignment of premises or sublet.
  • Your Contract is a Service Agreement providing access to an individual furnished work space or Private Office and to collective areas, as well as to various services (refer to our services and their price).
  • This Contract is for an EXCLUSIVE USE for the Member only. It is therefore forbidden to sublet any space.
  • Therefore, you expressly acknowledge that you do not benefit from the commercial property. 1.2. Guests & Colleagues
  • Guests of the Member are required to declare their identity at the reception. SportWorks Sàrl reserves the right to refuse the entrance of certain guests in cases where they frequent the space too frequently.
  • Guests or colleagues visiting may be billed on the account of said Member in proportion to the time spent. 1.3. Compliance with the rules & procedures
  • Members, their employees and guests are required to comply with all rules generally imposed by SportWorks Sàrl on space users (refer to MSI and SportWorks House Rules). 1.4. Duration
  • the contract is signed for a minimum duration of;
  • 1 month for Hot Desk users
  • 6 months for Dedicated Desk users
  • 12 months for Private Office 1.5. Automatic renewal
  • the duration of this contract corresponds to that indicated in the contract. It will then be automatically extended for successive periods equal to its current duration but never less than 1 month. 1.6. Cancellation
  • SportWorks Sàrl or the Member may terminate this contract on the end date mentioned therein or with written notice of at least 20 working days before the first day of the month.
  • At the termination or suspension of the Contract all invoices must be paid with a single payment within 10 days. 1.7. Termination
  • Upon termination of the contract, Members must leave the equipment provided by SportWorks Sàrl and leave the space in its original state. If the Member leaves goods, SportWorks Sàrl is authorised to remove them at the Member's expense. 1.8. Notification
  • Each formal notification must be in writing and sent to the address mentioned in this contract at least 20 working days before the first day of the month. 1.9. Confidentiality
  • The clauses of this contract are confidential. SportWorks Sàrl and the Member refrain from disclosing them without the prior consent of the other party unless the law or an official authority requires it. This obligation subsists after the end of this contract.
  1. Payment

2.1. SportWorks Sàrl will send all invoices with the rental amounts of the workspace as well as additional services or options 15 days before the beginning of the month.

2.2. Late payment

  • If the Member does not pay the invoices before their due date (before the beginning of the following month), an administrative fee of 35.00 CHF will be charged on all the outstanding amounts and SportWorks Sàrl reserves the right to exclude any member in case of late payment.

2.3. Security Deposit

  • Members using Private Offices and Dedicated Desks will be required to pay a deposit equal to one month's monthly fee in advance.

2.4. The supplier may require the Member to pay a 3-month advance payment if the Member frequently fails to pay SportWorks Sàrl the amounts due.

2.5. Rental and service agreements may be terminated at any time by SportWorks Sàrl if payment has not been made for 30 days.

2.6. All charges/ rates in the service specification exclude VAT.

2.7. SportWorks Sàrl may change the specification as well as the prices of the services at any time with one month's notice in advance.

  1. Service

3.1. Furnished office space(s)

  • SportWorks Sàrl shall provide furnished spaces and a furnished premise for which the Member has agreed to pay.

3.2. Office services

  • SportWorks Sàrl undertakes, upon request, to provide, during opening hours, the services listed in the description of the additional services.

3.3. The IT Provider

  • SportWorks Sàrl makes no guarantee as to the security of its network (or Internet) or the information that the Member deposits there.

3.4. Wi-Fi access

  • The use of Wi-Fi service SportWorks Sàrl is free and unlimited for members and is based on a fair use policy.
  • Use is strictly reserved for coworking Members, SportWorks Sàrl and their guests.
  • Members are required to come with their own computers and their own accessories.
  • The Members are required to adopt all security measures (including encryption) they deem useful in their situations.
  • The user acknowledges having received all the information necessary for the specifications and terms of use of the SportWorks Sàrl Wi-Fi coworking service.

3.5. Members and third parties must use electricity and water with care.

3.6. An authorisation must be requested in advance for the use and installation of electronic devices other than the standard office equipment provided.

3.7. Keys

  • All keys are the exclusive property of SportWorks Sàrl.
  • The Members cannot modify them and duplicate or give to a third person without a written authorisation.
  • All badges must be returned upon termination of this contract, otherwise CHF150.00 will be due.
  • In case of loss or theft of badges, Members must immediately inform SportWorks Sàrl and pay CHF150.00 to buy a new key.

3.8. SportWorks Sàrl reserves the right to refuse access to services, unilaterally and without prior notice to any Member who does not comply with these Terms.

3.9. The address of SportWorks Sàrl cannot be used as a business address for Members

3.10. Food and Drink

  • Food and drinks can be consumed at the Café area or within the Private Office.
  • The glasses (tea, coffee, etc.) cannot be taken out of SportWorks.
  • SportWorks is the only authorised caterer.
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter into the space drunk and to introduce alcoholic beverages into SportWorks.
  • As soon as you leave your workspace, you commit to ridding yourself of all food and drink in order to keep SportWorks clean for all other co-workers.
  1. Use of Our Services

4.1. Responsibility of SportWorks Sàrl

  • SportWorks Sàrl disclaims any liability to the Member for any loss or damage suffered by the Member in connection with this contract, with the services, the premises of the Member, unless the loss or damage results an intentional act or negligence on the part of SportWorks Sàrl.
  • SportWorks Sàrl is not responsible for loss of income or profit, documents, records and claims of third parties or damages suffered by the Member.
  1. The Space

5.1. Premises

  • The Member must not modify the parts of the premises open to the public and must take care of all parts of SportWorks Sàrl, the equipment, accessories, installations and furniture that he uses.

5.2. Office equipment

  • The Member is not allowed to install cables, computer or telecommunications networks without the consent of SportWorks Sàrl.

5.3. Insurance

  • It is the responsibility of the Member to provide insurance for his own property, his employees, as well as his guests whom he brings into the space and to cover his own responsibility.

5.4. SportWorks Sàrl is a non-smoking space.

5.5. In the space, Members must use headphones to listen to music or other sounds. Activities considered too loud will not be tolerated in the space.

5.6. Members undertake to use the equipment in a manner consistent with the law. Any use contrary to public order and morality will be sanctioned by contract termination without refund of current rent.

5.7. Members undertake to respect the code of life and social courtesy in their dealings with other guests of the SportWorks Sàrl area and its visitors.

  1. Emergency exits: It is forbidden to use the Emergency exits. Exits are to be used only in case of accident of fire. Members will be responsible for all costs in case of opening doors without authorisation.

  2. Children & Pets: SportWorks Sàrl does not accept animals and minors for safety and liability reasons.

  3. Applicable Law: The exclusive place of jurisdiction is in Lausanne and is governed by Swiss Law.

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